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Our goal is to maximize the value of each community we work with using proven management techniques.  With this in mind, our community management philosophy focuses on building communities, maintaining and increasing property values for our associations, and following through on the details necessary to make your community successful. Our team will assist your Association Board in establishing both short and long-term strategic plans to ensure lasting stability, and most importantly, to create a Legacy for your community.


Based on our decades of experience in community management, we closely monitor common areas, establish strong relationships with owners and resolve issues quickly. We believe that cooperation and communication is the key to a well-managed association. Our goal is a true partnership with homeowners and board members so that together we can work to create the best community possible.


Sometimes a community needs input from a seasoned team of experts. That is why at Legacy we also offer consultancy services. Whether it is assisting a developer to create the initial framework and proper setup for an association build project, or serving a self-managed community with specific counsel at points of need, our expert consulting service is here to assist you.


There are times when a community decides to self-manage their community and yet desires to have professional guidance with the administrative details of accounting and compliance matters. Our services, be it administrative or consulting, can be custom tailored to address the specific requirements of your unique community needs.


There are also times when a community association board is in the midst of a transition, either between members serving on the board or the major transition from Developer control to home-owner control. At such points in time it can be useful to retain professional consultancy to assist with the transition process. With our decades of community management experience our consulting team stands ready to assist you during seasons of change.


As active members of the Washington State Chapter of the Community Associations Institute (WSCAI) our Company Founder and our Community Managers remain at the forefront of legislative and technological changes that affect your association. Our commitment to keeping abreast of industry trends extends to those we serve as well which is why we are committed to continuous training of the boards and communities we serve.